Individual Experience Reflection : Manager Interview Essay

Individual Experience Reflection : Manager Interview Essay

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Individual Experience Reflection (Manager Interview)

Walk a mile in my shoes… See what I see, hear what I hear, feel what I feel… Then maybe you’ll understand why I do what I do (Jensen Communications, , 2015). This idiom means to me that you need to understand what someone else experiences in order to appreciate what it is they do. This paper will analyze my reflections from the manager interview conducted with Marselle Pruitt, Mgr. Revenue System Testing at FedEx TechConnect in her office on September, 24th 2015.
Day-to-Day management
At the outset let’s sneak a peep in to the daily life of a revenue systems manager. Marselle has been a manager at FedEx for over fifteen years. FedEx is a shipping import/export corporation; headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. The workday get under way well before she arrives onsite. The black berry serves as direct communication from emails to employee texts and calls. The testing environment is subject to changes, the readjustment of assignment and priority is constant. Agility and a quick response time are critical to succeed. Understanding the role and responsibility of the team in the perspective of the entire organization is vital (Pruitt, 2015).
Goal- setting is necessary for Marselle’s team when it comes to task, resource allocations, scheduling. They support various responsibilities and operating companies with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals (Pruitt, 2015). As a manager you can utilize operational goals to guide employees and resources on the road to achieving specific outcomes that allow the organization to function efficiently and effectively. In a task environment the key is determining how to establish effective goals (Marcic, 2014). There are a numb...

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...nfidence. Self-confidence is the source from which leadership develops and is also a solid foundation to begin a career as a new manager. My intuition was accurate, the feedback from the test results revealed what I recognized in myself. I found a great deal of value within the “New Manager self-test; the trick is finding out where the knowledge best fits. Interpreting the outcomes of the test and the interview questions I believe I would be the type of manager that surround themselves with good people and eager to help others flourish and progress. My team would know what I stood for. As a manager, there will be times I have to make tough decisions, I see myself with the courage to determine which require a yes, no or a delay. There is no plan that can predict my success in management, I hope to incorporate what I have learned to hit the target.

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