Indigenous Peoples And Indigenous Cultures Essay

Indigenous Peoples And Indigenous Cultures Essay

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The Indigenous Peoples Movement works to acquire legal protection and works to raise awareness towards the indigenous peoples’ causes globally. Indigenous peoples are generally defined as individuals who belong to a highly conservative, culturally and linguistically different non-dominant social group,—distinct from the modernly dominant society—hoping to maintain that separation with the superior culture. In addition, their cultures and traditional practices have been harmed over the centuries—complications arising from the European colonial era; still, many negative affections remain influencing their economic situations in the modern century. Indigenous peoples, who have been pushed into poor economic statuses due to the expansions of the dominant societies, must be helped in order to preserve their various traditional cultures and practices, diminish poverty, and improve human rights internationally that are causing problems to the major populations of aboriginal communities around the world.
Indigenous peoples’ sufferings and economic disadvantages have damaged their conditions for many years, dating back to the European colonial times. As Europeans colonized newly discovered parts of the world,—operations, which originated in 1492 C.E.— they quickly placed the natives into a slavelike system where they were forced to mine and work for the benefit of the colonists and their nations (Kagan, Ozment, and Turner 343-345). It has been since then that their lands have been invaded and claimed by the foreign inhabitants; hence, their economic situations in modern day are dramatically severe, due to a serious decline in a source for economic prosperity. Additionally, tourism, immigration, industrial development, and many other factor...

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...s to intrude and elicit repairs for legal complexities associated with indigenous peoples. Procuring legislative support could decrease the numbers of poverty-struck indigenous communities and effect an ameliorable change in their social standing, thus projecting a more respectful and less hostile view by the dominant societies.
Aborigines have experienced harassment in a multitude of occasions over time. It is difficult to believe how such predicaments thrive, especially in supposed sacred grounds.
It is important to aid the Aborigines because, in doing so, multiple problems experienced worldwide begin to diminish. Action is a must in these circumstances. Without any support, the conditions of the Aborigines worsen terribly. Any continuation of the severe conditions can catastrophically impact the indigenous community, pushing thousands of cultures into extinction.

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