Indigenous or English? Essay

Indigenous or English? Essay

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4. Many young Africans no longer speak the original language of their parents and many African languages are dying out slowly and/or are being replaced by English or other European languages. Do you think it necessary to preserve our indigenous languages or should we solely promote English? Tell us your opinion about this question and what are the advantages of the choice you made and the disadvantages of the choice you rejected.
In Africa, language defines who we are and today, there exist over 1,400 languages of which most of them are dying gradually. Personally, I do not think the question should be asked but we all have to be practical concerning this issue. Majority of the African citizens including myself would not want their language to just die off but the question here is what exactly are we doing to preserve it? For instance, in Nigeria, the young generation speaks English 90% of the time because of the fact that both the parents and the society have not put in so enough effort into making these children learn and speak their language. In my opinion, I would say that since these African languages are gradually dying, it is just a matter of time before they are all wiped out completely and for this reason, I think we all should solely promote the English language.
Firstly, if English is made our major language, it will foster better communication and understanding among each other. For example, I am an Ibo girl and if I was travelling around Yola and I need directions, finding a person to give me directions would not be the problem but it is actually finding a person that would be able to understand me and vice versa. If English was made the general language, communication among ourselves would not be hard just as we al...

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...son to check if the person is qualified for that job and yet the person is given the job because he or she speaks their language. For this reason, most companies do not succeed because they do not have the right workforce and this does not help the economy.
In conclusion, promoting the English language will be of great advantage to us. I love my language and I would not like to see it wiped off but then again I have to be realistic and English language is the way forward for us. English after all is the language of the internet, most textbook is in English and we are even being taught in English in our schools. It is our lingua franca and luckily for us it is the language of most dominant nations in the emerging world economy; also, we could learn from these countries. We stand to benefit more by promoting the English language than our indigenous African languages.

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