Indicators of The Status of Women in Society Essay

Indicators of The Status of Women in Society Essay

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As stated in one of my previous essays, I have never used to consider myself as a feminist. I never even raised an issue over the fact that after I resigned as the Minister to Youth at my church, they hired a 19-year-old male with no previous experience with leading youth and chose to pay him twice as much as what I had been paid for the position. Were that to happen today, however, I would no longer allow the situation to happen without making a BIG issue of it. I previously assumed before taking this class that men and women were finally on equal footing. However, after spending a huge amount of time combing the internet for information about women’s position in society, I realized that men and women’s places in society are nowhere no equal. This essay examines the collection of 24 indicators to show women’s status in society.
One only has to turn on the television and really watch a program to understand the hidden set of ideals in the show. For instance, I have watched the show The Secret Life of the American Teenager since I worked with the youth at our church several years ago. It continues to appall me how the parents on the show continually let their children tell them what they (the children) are going to do. Grace’s mother let Grace spend the night at her boyfriend’s house—even though the mother did not really want her to do it (The Secret Life of the American Teenager). The show’s main theme is sex, sex, and more sex. Every female teenager on the show but one is sexually active, one girl had a child at age 15, and a 17-year-old is getting ready to deliver (The Secret Life of the American Teenager). All of the boys are sexually active, too. However, what shocked me the most was when the “Christian” mother told her daugh...

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