Essay on India’s Aging Population

Essay on India’s Aging Population

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India is the largest democracy in the world, a nuclear power and a merging economy (BBC News). Currently, India is the second most populous country and according to United Nations’ projection it will surpass China and become the most populated by 2028 (UN news). In 2028, both China and India are predicted to have 1.45 billion, but China’s population will decrease thereafter whereas India’s will continue to increase. This fact implies China’s controversial population control mechanisms will be successful, while India’s will fail. India dabbled in forced sterilization (vasectomy) in the 1970s; where only men with over two children were suppose to be sterilized; however due to abuse and corruption, many unintended men (and women) “were compelled to undergo much more dangerous sterilization procedures” (Overdorf). This practice was quickly discontinued, but it illustrates the seriousness of the issue of population growth in India. The existence of such a drastic policy implies that India’s growing population has significant adverse effects on the country. More specifically India’s growing population has a significant impact on its economy.
Culturally, there is an emphasis on marriage and children. Suruchi Sharma wrote about the social pressures she faces while living as a single woman in Mumbai. She says “in India, a girl's identity revolves around her marriage,” additionally she mentions the most desirable qualities for women in matrimonial sites are “family-oriented, homely, and not too much into career." Despite the bitter and resentful tone in her article, one can easily extract the cultural perspective on marriage and children. There is an expectation that young adults (males and females in their twenties) will get married and s...

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