Indian Gaming Regulation Laws On Gaming Essay

Indian Gaming Regulation Laws On Gaming Essay

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For this chapter, the topics of Indian gaming and regulations set for them are discussed in detail as it goes over the different kinds of gaming and the laws that are used or created to regulate them. Indian gaming has proven to be the most successful and largest generator for revenue but there are tribes that refuse or unable to take part in this because of moral or traditional reasons or that their geographic establishment makes it difficult to enable gaming. The main law that oversees this topic is the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act that allows states to apply laws to a limit. This also allows tribes to bring states into court to discuss what the tribes are allowed to do and how much the state should regulate if the tribes want to establish a place of gaming. If the state doesn’t show up to this request, the tribes are allowed to press charges.
States had attempted to enforce regulation and prohibition laws on gaming since it did not stay within boundaries of state law but these same operations are supported by tribal ordinances which have been approved by the Secretary of the Interior. (Pg. 334) The extension states were allowed was criminal law but its legislative and regulatory laws do not reach into Indian country. It is a matter of whether the action of making gaming operations illegal would be a prohibitory or regulatory action. States are only allowed to enforce a law in Indian country if it is going to be used for criminal jurisdiction. If the law is going to be subject to regulation, it’s defined as civil/regulatory and won’t be enforceable in Indian country. Tribes that were in non-PL280 states assumed that they were in a more favorable position since tribal members are unaffected by state laws. What has been overloo...

... middle of paper ... size limit in New York only exist because the intention was to create a deterrent to prevent people buying these drinks in order to control obesity. Again, self-control seems to be the main thing that’s lacking in people which gives those in power the idea that they have to do something in order to make it easier to limit or prevent poor choices being made.
As for gaming, I had only assumed that the types that needed to be regulated or affected by laws would be the kind of games found in a casino. I had not known that gaming is separated into three different classes, each with less or more restrictions and requirements set on them. I see that it is far easier to keep things organized in order to keep better track of them.
Canby, William C.. "Introduction." American Indian law in a nutshell. 5th ed. St. Paul, MN: Thomson/West, 2009. 334-358. Print.

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