India 's Transformation Of India Essay

India 's Transformation Of India Essay

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India’s transformation from a British colonial possession to a powerful modern-day state happened over a couple of centuries after the British conquered the Mughal Empire. Initially, British interest in India was merely for trade access to ports to allow easier transport to other parts of Asia and Africa in 1616. Authority was the intention, not occupation. British expansion into the continent of India was what “seemed like a simple commercial decision, a move designed to seek guaranteed revenues to pay for the increasing military operations in India. To historians, it marks a major step in the gradual transfer of all of the Indian subcontinent to the British East India Company and later, in 1858, to the British crown.” (p 544) The thriving Indian textile industry, made up of millions of villagers using hand looms was displaced by the much more industrialized British production system. Unfortunately, with the British East India Company’s expansion, the Indian economy was destroyed. In addition, after the British forces took control over the Mughal Empire in the mid-1700’s and began applying British law; the ensuing famines resulted in the inability of most Indians to pay their land taxes so properties were confiscated by the British government. While India did not go quietly and challenged the British takeover, the guerilla warfare waged was ineffective against the shrewd commanders of the British Empire.
Gradually, the Indian people did begin to rise up against the British Raj, but it took until 1947 for British colonial rule to end. The Indian people were ready to have independence, but they were in the midst of internal clashes between the Hindu and Muslim populations. As the internal forces worked against each oth...

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...ot off to a slow start at its beginning, but has become a more dominant player as the traditional and modern aspects of society evolve, i.e. Green Revolution. While Indian society wants to retain some of the ideals and philosophy of Gandhi and “reject the American model of ‘wasteful’ consumer spending” (p 1060), they also wanted to enjoy the fruits of industrialization like “television sets, DVD players, cellphones and automobiles.” (p 1054) They still have a ways to go to become an industrial giant like the United States, but I don’t believe it’s very far off as they are currently ranked as the world’s third largest economy. While they are working on ways to effectively govern themselves with the continued religious divisions within the country, they will continue to hit roadblocks in their growth – however, they seem to be working towards continued prosperity.

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