Essay on India 's Criticism Of The Government Of Nepal

Essay on India 's Criticism Of The Government Of Nepal

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I wish to address Mohana Ansari 's and India 's criticism of the government of Nepal, the government 's response to such criticisms, the attitude of some international non-governmental organizations to these two events, and reaction of Nepali intellectual to them.

Ms. Ansari, a member of the National Human Rights Commission, criticised the government of Nepal in the 31st session of the United Human Rights Council. Prime Minister K. P. Oli expressed his dissatisfaction with the Ms. Ansari and the NHRC about the statement. Subsequently, the NHRC sought international support to preserve its turf, and the Human Rights Watch issued a statement to this effect.

India expressed its dissatisfaction with the new constitution of Nepal by urging the United Kingdom and the European Union by calling on Nepal to make amends. The government rebutted the call as unnecessary interference in Nepal 's internal affairs of Nepal. The Crisis Group called on the international community not to help Nepal organize local elections until the government resolves the opposition of some quarters to the new constitution.

Unfortunately, many Nepali intellectuals criticized the government in both situations without showing an iota of objectivity.

Democracy is not perfect. Actually, it is designed to be imperfect with many checks and balances built into the system. The NHRC, NGOs, international organizations have been created to ensure that no government becomes so overarching that it begins to seek perfection through dictatorship.

Democracy works best when all actors know how to remain within their limits and learn how to remind those who stray away from their limits. Unfortunately, Nepal is one of those few countries where its principal actors have never ac...

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...nge in legislation to amendment in the constitution. Neither the government nor the NHRC should be above the constitution and due process.

However, no publicly funded organization, no matter how independent of government, should wash the dirty linen in public without reflecting both sides -- in this case, in international forums. Mohana Ansari seems to have crossed the line.

Neither the government nor the NHRC should be allowed to operate above the law. They must remain within their mandates and limits.

Intellectuals ought to be objective. They should criticise their own government, their own consitutional bodies, or foreign government and agencies objectively when they are in fault and offer practical solutions. Otherwise, we will be a bunch of vociferous parasites helping one side or another to to hollow out the country that has been happening for some time now.

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