Indi A Nation 's Political System Essay

Indi A Nation 's Political System Essay

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India as a country has had many ups and downs some of these changes have become long standing and some change over time or with different Politian’s at the helm of the nation’s political system. Some of these changes are from outside influencers like the British government and some are a combination of many different ideas and from many different backgrounds. The differences between what has stayed and what changed throughout the years is something that I would say is a combination of what worked for India and what didn’t. the changes that occurred through the years for the Indian people were some of the most politically lasting changes in history, I say this because I feel as though the changes that did leave were ones out of fear and control, while the everlasting ones were changes that as a democracy needed to stay to keep India alive as a nation. We will look at India before and after those major changes and determine if these changes were important or inconsequential towards the country has a whole.
First off India before the British government came and took control over the then principality of India, the country was somewhat all over the places there were many casts systems and each cast not crossing over to others in, people were considered untouchable depending on where you came from and who they were and were not allowed to associate with. The political system at the time was archaic and controlled by the higher cast individuals thus making the political system and overall style of India to be very backwards and somewhat ancient. During the mid-1900’s the British gov. took over India and all its population thus bringing a massive changed that continues to this day. These continuities like the continuing use of governme...

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...came important to be Hindi again and people looked at it as something to think about again and has become a major factor in people’s decision making especially in indies political system. In the early 2000’s India’s political system became more and more sided with the BJP, and continues to be till this day. For me the interesting thing is that it’s like a penjelom power and influence shifts back and forth between the Indian National Congress and people like Magatama Gandhi to the BJP and people like Narendra Modi. The changes in these figures and in India help shape India’s continuity from what we know stay and continues to work and what was tried and failed within the nation. From the creation of the INC and BJP to the Hindi Revival over the years India has become ever growing country with and every changing set of values and influences just like any other nation.

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