Essay on Independent Variable : Internal Hotel 's Relationships

Essay on Independent Variable : Internal Hotel 's Relationships

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Research design

1. Introduction

This research will undertake a qualitative approach, meaning that all gathered information will be used to assess the research question and the objectives mentioned above through a formal, objective, systematic process (Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill, 2003).

Furthermore the variables considered for this study are the following:
• Independent Variable: Internal hotel’s relationships
• Dependent Variable: Customer satisfaction and retention
Which are also relational and casual variables.

The type of investigation pursued will be an ethnographic qualitative research, in order to disclose share attitudes, principles, norms practice and values of the Hospitality industry using the Berkeley hotel as case study. A particular emphasis will be given on observing organisation’s culture and relationships throughout in-depth interviews such as: individuals’ backgrounds, interaction, conditions and policies. Following this, mini surveys questionnaires conducted inside the hotel will confirm the validity of the results. This will give also the opportunity to the author to conduct further analysis in relation to effective communication inside the hotel and its relation to the customers.

2. Role of the Researcher

The author will use interviews and mini survey to test employees from several hotel’s departments to collect useful data. This method of data collection will be utilise to obtain valid information on employee’s reactions, behaviour and interaction in the firm environment. This explanation appears reasonable, and as a consequence it will help the researcher showing the evidence on the reliability of the research 's findings.

3. Sampling and Data Collection Procedures

The researcher will s...

... middle of paper ... hotel’s practice and finally detect how operations could be improved. By capturing primary and secondary data collected among individual, in-depth analysis of everyday forms of communication will produce useful insights on how this practices could be translated into customer satisfaction and excellent business management. The study will use interviews in order to recommend where weakness can be transformed into strengths, and questionnaire will critically assess the reliability and generalisability of the findings.

In conclusion, this research will favour a deeper understanding of human interaction in a high pressure context such as the hospitality industry in London, identify faulty procedures within corporate relationships and provide useful insights for organisations within this sector to better cope with these issues and improve their future performances.

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