Essay The Independence Of The European Union

Essay The Independence Of The European Union

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Right here in the twenty-first century people all around the world have the opportunity to witness not just local but international problems. One international problem is the British referendum, the referendum has the opportunity to change not only the world economy but also world relations between nations. “A referendum is basically a vote in which everyone (or nearly everyone) of voting age can take part, normally giving a "Yes" or "No" answer to a question. Whichever side gets more than half of all votes cast is considered to have won." The British referendum problem all starts with it first appearing in 1975 after the British had shortly joined the European Union and a referendum was issued with the final vote resulting in the British staying put in the EU (BBC Referendum Guide). Some time has passed since then and things changed with time, one thing that has changed during that timespan has been the opinions of the British being in the European Union. But the idea of Britain leaving the union, is not a pleasant idea for the politics or the countries in the EU. The politicians and countries within the European Union view Britain leaving as a terrible idea with horrendous consequences while the British public views it as a positive idea with many benefits. While the two groups of Pro-EU and Anti-EU clash with each other as well as try resolving the problem, there still is the need to find a solution.
The British referendum has many problems that are presented by both sides, the problems range from being economic to immigration students. With so many problems present in this referendum, Britain has made some demand for changes to be made and they came up with a list addresses the areas that the British want to cover. Th...

... middle of paper ...

...g effect on either both sides or just to one of the sides. But this referendum does not only affect one nation and a group, but rather a bunch of countries and potentially the whole world economy. But sadly there has only been one solution proposed to end the referendum, and the solution proposed has a lot of benefits for the British and some benefits for the European Union. Some of the points that have proposed conflict with the E.U. ideas which makes them against some of the points. But those conflicts might be resolved if both sides took my idea of just sitting down with each other and try finding some middle ground on some of the conflicting ideas. If some middle ground were to be found then both sides would be happy and British would stay in the European Union which would avoid a devastating blow to one of the groups and potential blow to the world economy.

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