Independence Day And Thanksgiving Day Essay

Independence Day And Thanksgiving Day Essay

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Two of the Most Important Festivals in America
If there is one thing universal about festivals, people are virtually happy with holidays on which they do not work. However, they rarely think more stories about Independence Day and Thanksgiving Day—two of the most important festivals in America. Although there are many similarities, such as they are both national festivals, and both have long significant histories, there are still a lot of differences between Independence Day and Thanksgiving Day.
Independence Day and Thanksgiving Day have different historical backgrounds. Independence Day is a significant federal holiday in America. It is celebrated on July 4th since 1776, when America was independent from Great Britain. In addition, Declaration of Independence, which announced separation from Great Britain, was drafted and prepared by Committee of Five. Unlike Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, since 1620. When new immigrants from Europe first came to South America continent, they suffered a hard time with harvest and deaths. For they learned from Native Americans how to hunt, grow corns and potatoes, they finally overcame all the difficulties and lived a better life. So they decided to thank God and Indians. As we can see, Independence Day and Thanksgiving Day have different but long historical origins.
On the other hand, Independence Day and Thanksgiving have different historical meanings. Independence Day presents freedom spirits of America. Unlike other War, Independence War between America and Great Britain is not because people suffering harvest nor gaining more lands. It is about the free human rights, justice, and fairness. Declaration of Independence greatly in...

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...Although it is extremely cold outside in the morning, there are still a lot of people waiting in a line to buy products in a good deal. It is called “black Friday”, which is a shopping season until Christmas in America.
To sum up, Independence Day and Thanksgiving Day are different in history backgrounds, historical meanings, and the ways how people celebrate. It is good to have a festival, especially we could have days off. But some people are too busy to spend sweet time with their family in modern society. Festivals seem to become more about endless shopping or promotions. Actually festivals exit not just for yourself, and it is an important time to stop and think what real purpose about life is. What is the most significant thing is to remember history, to thank God for giving us a wonderful life, and to thank family and friends for supporting you at the time.

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