Incredible Tribe Masaai in Africa

Incredible Tribe Masaai in Africa

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Africa is a vast continent with 54 established sovereign countries, 9 territories and two facto the independent states with limited or established states. Africa boasts of the continent who speaks more than thousand languages. It won’t be inadequate to state Masaai being one of the most popular tribe of Africa.
Masaai tribe roots are etched around Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, They speak Maa language which is related to Dinka and Neur of Nilo-Saharan language tree, but they are well educated in the core languages of these countries such as Swahili and English. According to census 2009 population count of Masaai is more than 800,000.
Masaai tribe is known for their peculiar hunting style, attire and eating habits. Males are grown to be a warrior and females to be homemakers. Traditionally they wear Shuka a single cloth covering their body, belt , carries a wooden club, and wear beads jewelry. The warriors are allowed to keep long hair while young males have short hair. In Masaai tradition it is a norm to shave their head before starting everything or during every stage of life, to signify they have moved from one stage to another.
The staple food of Masaai has been Raw milk, raw meat and raw blood. They have special ration for Pregnant women of raw blood. Researchers due to their strange eating habits took their blood samples to check any signs of diseases; most researchers found negated and declared them healthy. Due to modern civilization, Masaai are facing inconvenience to maintain their traditions. Now the staple food of Masaai is raw milk and maize meal.
There was also a tradition of the Masaai tribe that males cannot marry until he has killed a Lion, but with Lion breed decreasing rapidly, the government of Kenya and Tanzania has banned Lion killing in 1958 but if a Lion attack their cattle of livestock they can kill a Lion and it’s still considered a sign of pride and people envisage them with respect.
It is a custom for males and females to undergo circumcision and males are considered weak and disrespectful if they are not patient during the process. Females are not considered as marriage material until they get circumcised. During both the circumcision process a ceremony takes place and after the ceremony both the girl and a boy has to wear black clothes for 4-8 months.
There is also a myth, when a mother is about to give birth; she is locked in a room and she has to deliver the baby all by herself, no midwife or a doctor is appointed to help the lady deliver a baby.

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Usually babies die in the process and they are thrown to scavengers. There is a high child mortality in Masaai, due to which they do not name the child until the child has survived 3 moons.
In similar context the dead Masaai are left for scavengers to feast upon and if a corpse is rejected by scavengers it is taken in very wrong context, a sign of disgrace for that person. Only chiefs are buried as they are envisaged as blessed souls and they believe normal souls will disgrace the land if buried.
Modern Masaai are educated and can even boast of working in government circuits, private and public sector. Many Masaai are owners of restaurants, stalls and even run businesses. Male Masaai is mostly employed as security, watchmen, waiters etc. In Zanzibar Masaai are famous for being many painters muse.
Morden male Masaai are quite active in dating foreigners, they are travelling to Europe, U.S, Australia and around the world. They are also breaking the norm and marrying many white women. They have become quite tech savvy and are updated about technologies.
What makes this tribe incredible is despite being accepting modernism they are deeply rooted to their homestead and would love to go back to their cattle, jungle and hunting. They are always dressed in their traditional attire in their leisure. Masaai is an integral part of Africa and they are incredibly different and traditional.

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