The Incredible 1960s Essay

The Incredible 1960s Essay

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It is the year 2325, and I have been summoned to a dig site where my colleagues have made a unique discovery: a time capsule from the 1960s. Very carefully, my colleagues and I unearthed and opened this time capsule. Inside the time capsule we found five items that defined the era of the 1960s: a pair of bell bottomed pants, a sign that read Woolworth’s, a patch, birth control pills, and a speech. In this essay, I will explain in detail why each of these items is significant for describing the 1960s. I will accurately describe each of the five items found in the time capsule. This essay will very effectively comment on one major lesson learned from the 1960s.
The 1960s are known for the arrival of new fads and fashions. The first item that I retrieved from the time capsule was a pair of high waist denim pants, which were tight around the knees, but flared out everywhere else. My colleagues informed me that the bell bottomed pants or big flares were a significant part of the hippie movement. The bell bottomed pants were often worn with love beads, granny glasses, and tie dyes. The bell bottomed pants became the endorsed look for those who promoted free love, peace, and hallucinogenic (Dustan, 1995). The bell bottom pants were unisex. Bell bottomed pants came out at a time when people did not have a lot of money to spend on clothing, most shopped at the local second-hand or military surplus stores (Dustan, 1995).
Bell bottomed pants originated from the uniform of Navy sailors. The sailors wore these because they were easy to put on over the boot, roll up when washing the deck of the ship, and if a sailor fell overboard the pants were removed and used as a life preserver (Dustan, 1995). People who were unable to buy...

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