Increasing The Number Of International Students At Universities Essay

Increasing The Number Of International Students At Universities Essay

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Increasing the number of international students has been becoming a significant matter recently in Canada. This survey aims to see what are the consequences of this matter and what are the pros of that increase. Also, this survey objects to find out the reasons behind that increase.
Canada is the best place for learning English as second language for several reasons such as safety, reputation of institutions, and atmosphere. For these reasons, most of international students choose Canada. Moreover, universities in Canada have excellent programs.
The method that has been used in this survey is questionnaire. The reason for choosing this method is that it provides decent quantitative data, which is the data needed in this survey. However, ten students have participated in this survey, including five citizens (Canadians) and five foreigners, who are from different countries around the world. They have been asked to answer five different questions, which include:
1. Do you think that increasing the number of international students at universities is an advantage?
a. Yes ( ) No( )
2. Which of the following is the most important factor (s) in terms of increasing the No. of international students ?
a. (a). Economy (b.) Knowledge
b. (c.) Meeting universities aims (d.)All of the above

3. If the number of international students increased, how would universities deal with this situation?
a. (a). Increase size of classes (b). Increase No. of instructors
b. (c). Use technologies to meet all the need (d). All the above
4. What is the worst case (s) that might occur if the percentage of the foreign students has risen?
a. (a). Overcrowding (b). Lack of opportunities
b. (c). Change the culture of the...

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...n increasing lately. This increase has many aspects for both Canadians and other students, which may be negative or positive such as overcrowding of students, lack of opportunities for students, improve Canada’s economy and raise knowledge for international students. However, some reasons that have led people to consider Canada as the perfect place to study would include that Canada provides all the requirements needed such as quality of school and a healthy environment. As a matter of fact, students who have high desires to achieve their goals would be willing to chase their dreams by looking at universities with high quality. In the future, there will be more surveys, which include larger numbers of participators to gain the trust of people. To sum it up, Canada is the best place for international students due to the reasons mentioned above.

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