Increasing the Evidence for Health Implications of Hydraulic Fracking in Maryland

Increasing the Evidence for Health Implications of Hydraulic Fracking in Maryland

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The lack of knowledge about the health effects from hydraulic fracking was one of the main reasons that the Maryland legislature originally decided to place a de facto moratorium for the state.

Maryland placed a moratorium in the hope of gaining more knowledge and data about both the short and long-term health effects before the decision deadline. Under the order of Governor O’Malley, the Maryland Safe-Drilling Advisory Commission was created to “determine whether and how Marcellus gas production can be accomplished without unacceptable risks of adverse impacts to public health, safety, the environment and natural resources”. The main purpose of this advisory commission is to gather, synthesize and report on data regarding the health effects of fracking to the legislative and executive branch of Maryland’s government. The final report is due by the deadline of August 1, 2014 and while they have a few of the studies completed, they are also still waiting on results from Health Impact studies that are currently being completed to finish the report. Time is running out for the council...

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