The Increasing Suicide Rates Among Canadian Teens Essay

The Increasing Suicide Rates Among Canadian Teens Essay

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The teen years are strenuous; between hitting puberty, raging hormones and entering high school, there are big changes that take place in this stage of life. This instability can make a teenager feel isolated and alone, even when they may be surrounded with people. This constant isolation and instability in certain elements of our lives- for example social groups and family situations- can cause symptoms of depressive disorder, which “in psychology, is a mood or emotional state that is marked by feelings of low self-worth or guilt and a reduced ability to enjoy life” (Depression (psychology), 2014). Many believe that the increasing suicide rates amongst Canadian teens are due to depression rates within this age group. However, there are some sources that strongly believe that the increasing suicide attempts are due to attempts to gain attention or punish a loved one (HTML Gear, 2012), rather than due to signs of depression. This controversy has upset many people as suicide attempts are of a serious matter that should not be validated by means of manipulation. I strongly argue that the underlying reason why teenage suicide rates are increasing in Canada is not due to cries for attention, but due to the very serious mental illness- depressive disorder.
Before one can begin to understand the cause of teen suicide, he or she must first be aware of the different causes and symptoms of depression. The root of depression in this stage of life vary between individuals; however, they tend all derive from the same origin- the feeling of isolation. Typically, teens tend to feel isolated due to their social status, family situation, and even sexual orientation (WebMD, 2014). All of these factors, if not adequate in the eyes of the teen can ...

... middle of paper ... contributed to his depression, and consequently his suicide. His suicide was not an attempt to regain the attention of his ex girlfriend; it was an attempt to escape a life that he could not bear to live anymore. Despite the impact that this particular individual made, there is plenty other teens just like him. Teens that are silently suffering with depression fear the judgment that will be passed by their peers if they decide to vocalize their feelings. Depression is a disorder that is not taken seriously as there is no official medical diagnosis; however, if the diagnosis was more medically supported-for example, using blood testing- than people would take their condition more seriously and seek the treatment that best suits them. This would give who suffer from depression a chance to better their lives and, in-turn, decrease the overall suicide rate in Canada.

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