Increasing Number Of Singapore Travellers Essay

Increasing Number Of Singapore Travellers Essay

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There are an increasing number of Singapore travellers who are going overseas for plastic surgeries, which contributes to the sharp rise of medical/wellness tourism. As Chan Brother Travel is a travel agency that provides tour packages for Singaporeans, it is important for them to have a better understanding of the Singaporeans’ current travel trends and behaviors, so that they are able to take advantage of the opportunities presented. The two trends that will be covered in this essay are the increase in demand for plastic surgery and the use of technology in plastic surgery sought by Singaporeans, which Chan Brother Travel should take note of.

Firstly, there is a significant increase in demand for oversea plastic surgery amongst Singaporeans. This entices them to travel to other countries that provide such services at a lower cost. A plastic surgeon based in South Korea mentioned that the walk-ins from his clinic ranges from young women who are still pursuing their studies to older women who are working. Other South Korea surgeons have also claimed that the number of Singaporeans visiting them have increased at least three times over a year. (Soh, 2013) Ms Caitrin Moh, who works with Korea Tourism Organisation stated that there is an increase in plastic surgery enquiries over the past three years, and majority of Asians travelling to South Korea are medical tourists while the rest have related agenda. A plastic surgeon consultant based in Singapore, Dr Tan Ying Chien, also claimed that people who are going to Korea or Thailand for plastic surgery due to their perception of lower cost and better services. (Chung, 2014) Similarly, Varma (2016) stated that it has become more common for young women going for plastic surgery. Singap...

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...lastic surgery. Hence, Chan Brother Travel should leverage on their website and social media platforms to reach out and bring awareness to their innovative travel package. By focusing on its target market’s information search behavior and adjust its communication accordingly, Chan Brother Travel will benefit from the ease of reaching out to its audience, and also bringing greater convenience and value for their potential customers.

As there is an increase in demand for plastic surgery and prevalent use of technology to aid Singaporeans who are seeking such demand, it is highly encouraged that Chan Brother Travel should provide a comprehensive medical package that includes air ticket, accommodation, transport to and fro the clinic and a support personnel that the Singaporean could contact if they face difficulty in South Korea, such as language barrier or emergencies.

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