Increasing Cost Of College Tuition Essay

Increasing Cost Of College Tuition Essay

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Higher education plays an important role in today’s U.S. society. In addition to providing many benefits, it also helps individuals gain economic and social success. Graduating from college is a dream of every individual, yet it is becoming more difficult to achieve. The increasing cost of college tuition is the major problem many people face these days. Being financially unable to afford to higher education adds the burden in one’s life. This excessive rise in college cost affects individuals, community, and a country as a whole. Education places high value in one’s life, however, finance plays important role in socio-economic factor. Despite many barriers of higher education access, a major obstacle is a cost. Although financial aids are available to the various extent, lowering the cost of college tuition would lead to less student debt, which promotes higher academic performance, and allows more people to attend college.
Decreasing the cost of college tuition leads to less student debt, and provides an opportunity for many Americans an access to higher education. Student loans provide financial aids to the students who wish to pursue higher education but can’t afford the cost of college on their own. This strong hike in tuition cost not only effect the current attendants, but also the future generations to come. Graduating from colleges with 20-30 years of repayment plans, they will have difficulties financing their children’s education, because they will still be paying their own debts. The biggest challenge for the students today is paying for their college. A result from 2012 National Survey of Student Engagement indicates that finance is the major concern for college students, and “3 in 5 first year college students worr...

... middle of paper ... According to Sara Goldrick-Rab, an associate professor at Wisconsin, Madison, 75% of the cost of attending college used to be covered by federal aid 40 years ago, but today, it barely covers one-third of the total cost (Goldrick-Rab). Many students have to finance their education using the student loan. She further clarifies that “Students are left with unmet financial need even after borrowing the maximum available subsidize loan” (Goldrick-Rab). So, those students who only qualify for a certain amount of federal loans have to pay the hefty price out of their pocket. Institutions and government to provide the adequate information about aid system, and cost of college which some people don’t have enough knowledge. Providing federal aids on the needs-based system would help cover the cost of college expenses for those who are struggling to pay for their tuition.

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