Increasing Canine Adoption Success Based on Characteristics Essay

Increasing Canine Adoption Success Based on Characteristics Essay

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July 17, 2009, was a hard day for me. My dog of almost seven years had to be put down, and he was the first pet I had ever lost. After Oly left me, I didn’t really have any interest in finding another dog; I was too upset. I knew eventually I would want another dog but didn’t think that day would be anywhere in the near future. About two weeks later, I was sitting at the laundromat waiting for my parents, and I saw a flyer from McPaws. As I got closer, I saw all of the cute animals that they had for adoption and one puppy in particular stood out to me. I took a picture of the flyer and later read the puppy’s information to my parents. “His name is Brazo,” I said, “and he’s only six weeks old, and he’s a black lab Staffordshire bull terrier mix.” My dad wasn’t too keen on me getting a new puppy, and we already had 1 black dog, Plus, my dad wanted a different breed. We started looking at other dogs, and my dad found one that he thought we should get. The dog my dad wanted was named Clint, and he was a two-year-old short-haired German pointer. Two weeks went by after I showed my parents the picture, and my parents decided to take me on a surprise trip to McPaws to get a better look at the dog that we wanted to adopt. My dad was intent on adopting Clint, but once we got to McPaws I was determined to change his mind, even if I had to beg for Brazo. As we entered the dog room, barks started to echo around us, and excited dogs jumped up on their kennels to make sure we saw them. After finding out that Clint chased cats, we decided he wasn’t a great fit for our home because we had four cats. As we got to Brazo’s cage, I think his puppy face must have melted my dad’s heart because he agreed to adopt him and take him home. Today, almost fiv...

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