The Increased Threat of Unattended Fire in Wood Stoves and Fireplaces inside Homes

The Increased Threat of Unattended Fire in Wood Stoves and Fireplaces inside Homes

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{Recognizing that wood stoves and fireplaces are a common heat source in homes, the Fire Prevention Bureau is concerned of the increased threat of an unintended fire as outdoor temperatures drop.|Understanding that fireplaces and wood stoves are prevalent sources of heat in homes, the Fire Prevention Bureau has expressed concerns that there will be increased risk of fire if it gets colder outside.|The Fire Prevention Bureau realizes that wood stoves and fireplaces are common sources of heat in homes and therefore, pose a fire hazard if the temperature outside drops.} {While there are several ways that a stove or fireplace may cause a fire, past experience demonstrates that fires resulting from improper disposal of ashes and lack of chimney cleaning are among the most common.|Accidental fires caused by a stove or fireplace can take place because of any number of reasons, however, past incidents indicate that improper disposal of ashes and lack of chimney cleaning is the most frequent reason.|Past experience indicates that fires can be caused by any number of reasons, however, chimney cleaning and improper disposal of ashes seems to be the most prevalent cause of accidental fires in stoves and fireplaces.} {Serious fire damage has resulted when homeowners have disposed of ashes in plastic or cardboard containers, boxes, and bags.|Homeowners who have disposed of ashes in cardboard containers, bags, boxes and plastics have caused severe fire damage.|Fire disposed in boxes, bags, cardboard containers and plastics have caused serious fire damage in the past.} {Creosote build-up in chimneys, which is the result of incomplete combustion, has also led to many fires.|Additionally, build-up of Creosote in chimneys has resulted in fires due t...

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...oming out of the fireplace.}

{Finally, as in every season, have working smoke alarms installed on every level of your home, test them monthly and keep them clean and equipped with fresh batteries at all times.|In conclusion, every season ascertain that have you have operating smoke alarms at every floor of your house, test them periodically and keep them clean and charge at all times.|In conclusion, make sure you have working fire alarms in every floor of your house, replace batteries as needed, check and test them monthly.} {Remember to practice your home escape plan and call the local fire station for more information and tips.|Make sure to practice your home escape plan and call your local fire station if you need more information or tips.|Do not forget to practice your home fire escape plan and call your local fire station if you need more tips and information.}

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