Increased Optimism in During the First World War Led to Consumptive Behaviour

Increased Optimism in During the First World War Led to Consumptive Behaviour

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Why did the decade after the First World War become the most prosperous time in American History? Americans consumed without limit and didn’t believe the good times could ever end. In the 1920’s people across the U.S. became increasingly optimistic. The Great War was over and the men were back home safe and sound. The economy was going strong, workers earned higher wages and many new jobs became available. Some of these jobs came from the rapidly growing technology industry. New inventions were popping up everywhere and Americans were more than eager to consume whatever they thought they needed.
There was also an immense increase in advertisement In the 1920s. Manufacturers now realized that women controlled most of the spending in the household so companies marketed their products to them. Thus a new consumer culture was born. The new technologies advertised included refrigerators, movies, radios, automobiles, deodorants, and toasters. These new consumer goods were created to make life easier and more enjoyable. The middle class had more disposable income to enjoy these...

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