Increased Migration, Increased Security Concern Essay

Increased Migration, Increased Security Concern Essay

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Migration has the same meaning, the movement of a group of people who leave their native country to settle temporarily or permanently in a different country. People might voluntarily move, but others are forced to leave their country because of dire situations. An analysis shows how the economic crisis, terrorism, and leaders play a role in how immigration is viewed. While it is impossible to send all illegal immigrants back to their countries, preventing further immigration will help eliminate some security threats and increase the stability of a country’s government.
The North-South gap has allowed immigration to become a global issue. While the rich North benefits from industrialization, the South suffers from poor development and wealth disparities. Because of this, people hoping for a better standard of living look to the North. When the economy was thriving, countries relied on guest worker programs to help fulfill the demand for labor. France, for example, needed immigrants to help in post-WWII “recovery and economic expansion” (Rudolph, 2006, p. 128).
However, many countries around the world are feeling the effects of the economic crisis today. Since the economic downturn, there has been an increase in unemployment and anti-immigration sentiment. When people have a job and can maintain their families, immigration is put on the back burner. With the percentage of unemployed rising, illegal immigrants were to blame for taking jobs that rightfully belonged to citizens. The pressure from citizens for anti-immigration policies forced leaders to act.
Following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, security was heightened around the world. There is more concern on who is entering the country because of fear of ano...

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... given the circumstances Spain must be selfish and focus on its own problems. Increasing border security would help stop the influx of immigrants entering Spain.
The situations in Italy, France, and Spain help illustrate the different approaches to fighting illegal immigration. Because of economic booms, countries relied on immigrant workers to provide needed labor. However, the economic crisis means more people are without jobs and immigrants are no longer needed for work. The risk of terrorist attacks means tighter border control and increased fear of people who are ideologically different. The decisions leaders make concerning immigration reflects the ideals of their citizens. While people may want immigrants to go back to their countries, many immigrants have made a life for themselves and their families and do not see their native countries as “home”.

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