The Increase of Women in Public Relations Essay

The Increase of Women in Public Relations Essay

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1.0 Introduction
Public relations profession as well as the public relations major in Kenyan universities has experienced an increase of women who have consistently been entering into the field. Females make up the solid majority of most Public Relations and communication programs in Kenyan universities. Focusing on Daystar University, this study aims to find out why women are increasingly entering into the field. This chapter will concentrate on the following areas, background of the study, statement of the problem, purpose of the study, objectives of the study, justification and significance of the study.
1.1 Background of the Study
According to Paula & Kathryn (1996), PR is as old as civilization itself, because underlying all public relations activity is the effort to persuade. For society to exist there has to be at least some agreement among people. This agreement is usually achieved by interpersonal and group communication, which in turn involves not just passing on information but also a strong element of persuasion.

Public relations in Africa achieved momentum only during the last two decades. Many African practitioners now enter the profession through journalism. The development of PR in African continent has been influenced by the availability of mass media. PR education in Africa ranges from formal tertiary diploma, degree and post degree courses. Formal public relations education is most active in Egypt, Kenya and Nigeria (Robert, 2005).

Both organizational communications and public relations having emerged from different business disciplines, today share in common not only many occupational tasks and responsibilities but also a process of occupational feminization (Donato, 1990).

1.1.1 Statement of the Problem

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...ikely to continue (childers-Hon, 2003)
This is the case at Daystar University where female students in PR outnumber male students
Significance of the study
This study will be useful to Daystar University and other learning institutions because the findings will help them formulate strategies that will encourage men to study PR
The findings will be of great importance to researchers who would like to use the results as a starting point and as a foundation on which they can build their research on.
Scope of the study
This study focuses on the predominance of women in Public relations courses in Kenyan universities specifically in Daystar University. The chosen university is best known for training communication courses and therefore likely to give the most appropriate results. The study population will be drawn from communication students at Masters Level.

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