Increase of Serial Killers and Murderers in the 1920s Through 1990s Essay

Increase of Serial Killers and Murderers in the 1920s Through 1990s Essay

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If you were to look closely at the population in The United States of America during the 1960s through 1990s, you would notice a significant rise and fall of the nation’s population. If you look even closer at those statistics you will notice the population of murderers, more importantly serial killers were at a prominent high.
Serial killings were at an all time high during this quadruple decade period of time. In 1960 the number started to slowly inch from less than ten to forty. Even worse the number exploded to 120 in 1970. The number then rocketed to a whopping 200 in 1980. Fortunately the number dwindled to about 140. There seemed to be a sort of epidemic of serial killers.
The murder rate in America rose terrifyingly high in 1960 to 1980 and slowly dribbled down in 1990. Homicide was averaged at 80%. There were 9,000 homicides recorded in 1960, 18,980 in 1985, and a horrifying average of 24,530 in 1992. These statistics show the phenomenon of the serial killer epidemic.
The population of serial murderers increased quite dramatically towards the end of the 1960s. There are several theories as to why the number peaked so high. The population boomed in the 1960s, producing more people. When you have more people, you have higher populations of different types of people, therefore increasing the serial killer population. Crime investigation was not as advanced during the epidemic. Different towns and especially different states did not connect and share their records on arrests and reports of crime very often, prolonging the killing career of these murderers.
There are several different reasons or theories as to why the population of serial killers started to dwindle down during the 1990s. The collection of records and other...

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...dy said to the executioner, “Id like to you to give my love to my family and friends.” Those were Bundy’s last words. After his death was announced, the same exact people who rioted before his death were heard cheering with excitement and joy outside the prison he was executed at. Theodore Robert Bundy became one of America’s most famous serial killers of all time.
In the four decade of period time between 1960 and 1990, there was a significant rise in the serial killer population, creating, somewhat of a serial killer epidemic. This epidemic consisted of a few very significant serial killers, the ones you see in movies and heard about in the media, murderers such as Ted Bundy. As the population rose the population of serial killers increased greatly. As technology advanced the catching of these murderers went up, saving the lives of many innocent Americans.

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