The Increase Of Challenging Behavior Essay

The Increase Of Challenging Behavior Essay

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The increase of challenging behaviour in Australian schools has been highlighted as a major concern (SPE 3005, Module 1, 2016). This is particularly challenging for teachers who are responsible for planning and implementing behaviour management in their classrooms (SPE 3005, Module 1, 2016). Functional Behaviour Assessment (FBA) has a proven history of being an effective process for identifying reasons behind students challenging behaviour and planning interventions to both prevent and remediate challenging behaviour in the classroom (Scott, Alter & McQuillan, 2010). This essay aims to define challenging behaviour and discuss how an FBA approach can be utilised to prevent and remediate challenging behaviour.

Challenging behaviour in the school context is defined as any behaviour exhibited by a student that consistently prevents or interrupts the student’s learning or other students’ learning or makes the learning environment physically or emotionally unsafe for the student or others in the school community (Chandler & Dahlquist, 2015; SPE 3005, Module 1, 2016). Challenging behaviour can vary in its intensity and in the impact it has on maintaining a safe and productive learning environment (Chandler & Dahlquist, 2015; Alberto &Troutman, 2013). Challenging behaviour is any behaviour that does not meet the expectations or requirements of school (Chandler & Dahlquist, 2015).

It is important that teachers have knowledge of the many different theories and models of behaviour management as they develop their own classroom management approach, as this will impact on the behaviour management strategies that they plan and implement (Lyons, Ford, & Slee, 2014). Behavioural, cognitive and sociocultural are all approaches to behaviour...

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...viour occurring? What the student gains through the behaviour either serves a positive function, where the behaviour results in a favourable outcome or a negative function, where the behaviour enables the student to avoid something (Chandler & Dahlquist, 2015). The third assumption is that challenging behaviour can be changed by using positive interventions where the student is taught appropriate behaviour that will achieve the same function as the challenging behaviour (Chandler & Dahlquist, 2015). The last assumption is that a team approach, comprising of those who know the student and who understand the FBA process will be more likely to result in correct identification of the function of challenging behaviour and result in consistency in responding to the challenging behaviour and implementing the behaviour intervention plan (BIP) (Chandler & Dahlquist, 2015).

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