The Increase in Prostitution and Selling of Women and Children in Nicaragua

The Increase in Prostitution and Selling of Women and Children in Nicaragua

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After the Sandinistas were removed from power, the concern about the social welfare of the Nicaraguan citizens was lowered. The new focus of the government has been on the economic development of the nation. As the Civil Wars, have ended, tourists have determined that it is a new exotic location to visit. The combination of economic strife and tourism has led to a rise in human trafficking and sex tourism in the country. This is a detrimental after effect of a growing capitalist society and it directly affects the people that we will be working with in Nicaragua. The direct effects of this economic upheaval and the influx of tourism have been increased rates of the selling of women and children who have been living on the streets. They are a vulnerable population. They unfortunately are the backbone of the growing sex tourism industry. Today, as the government becomes more corrupt there is less of an eye on the welfare of the people. The focus is on growing the nation’s economy rather than the growing of the abilities of those who do not influence the economy as strongly as the tourist population. As more tourists come to participate in the Nicaraguan economy by traveling there, there have been rises in sex tourism and trafficking rates. The easiest place to gather potential victims from is the streets. The backlash against women since the end of the political and economic struggles inside of the nation have led to a rise of the selling of both women and children both for sex and slavery.
The constant changing of the leadership in Nicaragua required all citizens to get involved and fight against the oppressive regimes to ensure the success of the nation. Guerrilla warfare in the 1960s and 1970s allowed women to break away from t...

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