Increase Hair Growth During Pregnancy Essay

Increase Hair Growth During Pregnancy Essay

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Changes in hair texture and the growth during pregnancy are pretty normal where an increased hair growth is familiar an issue, but the effects are different for each and every one of them.
Some of the reasons for increased hair growth during pregnancy are discussed below.

The hormonal effects
The first signs of pregnancy induced hair growth in women are prevalently found in the first trimester of the pregnancy period when the hormone androgen level in the body increases. It is also during this time that there is very less or no hair fall at all, which makes the hairs feel and look thicker and fuller than before. The increase in the hormones in a pregnant woman’s body results into the thick and healthy hair growth as well.
Reduced stress
In the times when a woman is pregnant, she is prone to eat more and also eat a lot healthy than in other times. Apart from this, the fact remains that the amount of sleep that one takes while pregnant is much more than normal. All these things put together helps to keep the cortisol levels in optimum which helps in decreasing the stress levels and thus helping in hair growth at a much faster pace than usual.
Use of chemicals & cosmetic hair removal techniques
Another major reason which can be related to increased hair growth can be the usage of hair removal products such as depilatories, bleach and creams which get absorbed into the blood stream and wreck havoc later. The other permanent hair removal options like electrolysis or laser treatment is better avoidable in pregnancy as in most of the cases mentioned above, anyone who has underwent these have experienced an uneven hair growth from all over just post the child birth phase!
Suppliments affect
During the pregnancy phase, when a woman is i...

... middle of paper ...

...apart from the noted hormonal changes and the dietary changes and are any day more evident in them who sports long hair from before.
Hair texture & pregnancy
Along with the hair growth changes in pregnant women, there are certain other aspects in their hairs which might take a drastic turn as well. Many of the women have experienced the changes in the hair texture due to pregnancy where straight hairs have turned wavy or even vice versa. Along with this, changes in the dryness or oiliness may change and even changes in the hair color may vary before and after pregnancy as well.
The increased growth; a bane
In some of the cases, the increased hair loss creates a huge point of concern where the hair tends to spring up everywhere throughout the body as on the face, arms, legs and et al. This usually takes place due to the increase in androgen levels in pregnancy period.

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