The Increase Diversity Of Students Essay

The Increase Diversity Of Students Essay

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A major issue for today’s colleges and universities is the increased diversity of students. Thoroughly define the term ‘diversity’. Also, discuss the implications that this increased diversity has for college and university academic and/or administrative leaders.

According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary (2016), the definition of diversity is, the condition of having or being composed of differing elements, variety; especially the inclusion of different types of people (as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization. By the same token difference is difficult, and is often used to oppress and exploit the underprivileged. Diversity is a very prominent and pressing issue within higher education as a whole. Individuals that are affected negatively can have damaging emotional educational experiences. According to Ghosh (2012), diversity is influenced by location and position in society. An individual’s life experiences and encounters are led by their race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation (p.351). Race, gender, and sexuality are everywhere and Baumgartner and Johnson-Bailey (2008) point out several revealing matters including the fact that race and ethnicity play a primary part in determining how society functions. Racial privilege and discrimination are deeply rooted in customs, traditions, and norms (p. 46).
The word diversity has become a catch word for a variety of meanings and synonyms. Classic higher education institutions have made a commitment to diversity. Over the past 20 years administrators, students, and faculty worked diligently to expand diversity programs and services to create a more all-encompassing environment (Manning, 2013, p. 106). Goodman (2011), also states schools, busine...

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...king, interpersonal and leadership skills within their faculty, administration, and staff to create a multicultural and multidimensional understanding within their institution.
The ability to connect across communities, to work for social integrity, and to create coalitions is important for the future of diversity in higher education. Tienda (2013), explained that if higher education leaders sincerely believe that racial diversity enriches the mission of an institution, then it is appropriate for them to continually develop innovative strategies to take full advantage of the learning benefits, to establish what works and what doesn’t and to institutionalize the best practices on achieving integration for the future (p. 474). Now in the twenty-first century excellence and quality are an essential institutional promise to diversity and globalism (Nysse, 2011, p. 94).

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