Incorporating 21st Century Technology into the Classroom Essay

Incorporating 21st Century Technology into the Classroom Essay

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Technology has become a hot item for school district to implement into the classroom. The need for this technology comes from an every changing world and because of the way 21st century students learn. Web 2.0 technology must be used and integrated into the classroom. However, many problems occur when trying to integrate technology. Question on whether student achievement is increased, failures of school districts, and new demands placed on teachers have caused a negative spin on technology. In order to be successful, technology must be implemented correctly by the community, administrators, and teachers together.

Education is one of the largest researched and new idea driven businesses. Each year hundreds of thousands of school district implement plans that will help increase their student achievement. Pressure from both state and federal government as well as community members have forced school districts to constantly be striving for the best. Many different plans have been implemented by school districts, each one focusing on one aspect or another to increase overall student achievement. There is one plan however, that is one of the most sought out ideas by school districts: the implementation of 21st century technology. There is a growing need for understanding of 21st technology not just in the classroom but in the work place as well. Unfortunately, even with the push to get these ideas and technology into the classroom many school district, department, and teachers fail to implement these ideas correctly.
Through the use of technology the classroom is not longer over after 50 minutes. Instead technology can turn the classroom into a place that can be visited at a...

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