Incompatibility Of Truth And Happiness Essay

Incompatibility Of Truth And Happiness Essay

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Incompatibility of Truth and Happiness

Happiness is intangible, not bought or measured but is what people seek the most in life. Happiness is knowledge, it is fulfillment and when not obtained can leave one feeling worthless. In Brave New World by Aldous Huxley happiness is a predominant theme in the novel and is what the world state prioritizes to maintain peace and order. Truth must be sacrificed in order for happiness to be obtained. As shown in Brave New World by the world leaders genetically creating citizens, suited to a particular job and who prefer it to anything else, the Elimination of human and scientific truth’s to escape suffering and the consumption of soma used to avoid facing the truth and reject sadness.
To begin, In Brave New World at the Hatchery humans undergo the Bokanovsky 's Process, which accommodates ordinary human growth while advancing the generation of many identical eggs, purposely denying people of their individuality and unique nature. Civilians in the World state are created based upon a 5 tiered-caste system and are suited to the Job they will be doing. The higher ranked in the caste system the greater their individuality. Delta, Gamma and Elisions are made capable of work but incapable of thought having no individualism where as the Alpha’s and Beta’s do not go through Bokanovsky’s but are required to do all of the thinking and therefore granted some individuality. During a tour of the hatchery the director tells the students that after they are divided and bottled the deltas “are dosed almost to death with alcohol”(Huxley 14) and later saying “the lower the caste, the shorter the oxygen”, said Mr. Foster (Huxley 14). This shows the lengths the leaders go to keep the civilians happy....

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...le limits the individuality and having a place for everyone to fit in before they are even welcomed to the world helps to ease the struggle of fitting in. Secondly, The idea that the less a society knows about the past the less controversy will rise, creating a new world ensures history goes the way it is written. Finally the way the citizens become so distracted from the world around them after consuming soma that happiness is restored. The motto in Brave New World is Community, Identity, Stability, are the three key ideas in order to keep the citizens happy. Although the world leaders must give up truth the citizens are happy. True happiness is not something that can be trained it is derived from deep inside us (Telfer). Happiness is not what is receive when everything is going right rather what we must bring ourselves to when everything is going wrong.

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