Inclusive Teaching At The Classroom Essay

Inclusive Teaching At The Classroom Essay

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Inclusive teaching in the classroom helps the students to feel comfortable and able to share their ideas and questions with their teachers and peers (“Inclusive Teaching Strategies”, 2016). The best way to include all the students in the classroom is to use the VAK learning styles. Teachers use the appropriate style for the students has learning difficulties and also for advanced learners.

Teachers should use their pedagogy practices and knowledge to develop programs/activities for a class so that all students learn and participate together. Inclusive education benefits all the children in the classroom. It allows them to develop their individual strengths, and goals in the classroom. It also fosters school cultures of respect and belonging. Inclusive education provides opportunities to learn about and accept individual differences, lessening the impact of harassment and bullying. Inclusive environment provides them an opportunity to develop friendships with a wide variety of other children, each with their own individual needs and abilities (“What is Inclusive Education”, 2016).

The adjustments made in the lesson plan according to the difficult and advanced learners. The teacher should follow the different VAK styles for individual students if they have difficulty in learning. For the difficult learner, teacher could slow down the pace of demonstration during the group time and also provide them an opportunity to watch simple videos related to the activity. They can give them an opportunity to work with their peers (exceptional learners) to gain more knowledge about the activity. Provide them a quiet area to work individually or in small groups. Exceptional learner should have access to enough activities to keep them challen...

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...tive requirements. Teachers should follow Standard 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, and 2.4 to enhance inclusion and diversity in the classroom. These standards provide knowledge about how to demonstrate understanding of differentiating teaching strategies to include students from diverse culture, backgrounds, linguistic and religious. Focus area 1.5 helps teachers to demonstrate their understanding of differentiating teaching strategies to meet the specific learning needs of students according to their abilities(AITSL,2014).

Teacher uses wide range of learning styles to promote inclusion in classroom. They use different resources and strategies to add interest and increase children’s understanding (Rosen, 2016). For example, they can break the class in small groups or can do individually. They use differentiated instructions according to the particular learning styles and ability.

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