Essay on Inclusive Study to Know the Prospective of Askari Bank

Essay on Inclusive Study to Know the Prospective of Askari Bank

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The inclusive study of Askari bank helps to suggest the organizational wide plans that verify the long run success of the organization, finding new ways to add value, flexibility, and developing unique skills and ideas to manage people. After studying one can simplify that how a bank can provide various products & services to the customers in order to provide them best value. The purpose of Askari bank is to provide professional reliability, customer satisfaction and teamwork to achieve constant growth and profitability in all areas of business.

This report is an inclusive study to know the prospective of Askari bank. Askari Commercial Bank is one of the leading banks in Pakistan, which is growing rapidly. Economy of Pakistan specially banking sector is developing very fast, so there are opportunities in banking sector. Askari bank was incorporated in Pakistan on October 9, 1991, as a public limited company. It started its operations on April 1, 1992, and is primarily engaged in the business of banking, as defined in the banking companies’ ordinance, 1962. The bank is listed on the Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Stock Exchanges and its share is currently the highest in numbers from among the new private sector banks in Pakistan.

Askari Bank has expanded into a nationwide existence of 98 Branches. A shared network of over 1,100 online ATMs covering all major cities in Pakistan supports the delivery channels for customer service. As on December 31, 2005, the Bank had equity of Rs. 8.6 billion and total assets of Rs. 145.1 billion, with over 600,000 banking customers, serviced by our 2,754 employees.

Askari Bank is committed to develop and improve each employee’s skills and compete...

... middle of paper ... standards.
To manage the Bank's portfolio of businesses to achieve strong and constant shareholder returns and to continuously build shareholder value.
To deliver timely solutions those best meet the customers’ financial needs.
To explore new avenues for growth and profitability.

To comprehensively plan for the future to ensure continuous growth and profitability.
To facilitate position of the Vision, Mission, Corporate Objectives and Corporate Philosophy, with the Business Goals and Objectives.
To provide strategic plans and solutions for projects, products, policies and procedures.
To provide strategic solutions to moderate weak areas and to counter threats to profits.
To identify strategic plans and opportunities for profit.
To create and leverage strategic assets and capabilities for competitive advantage.

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