Inclusive Practice within an Early Years Setting of a Child with Special Education Needs

Inclusive Practice within an Early Years Setting of a Child with Special Education Needs

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The purpose behind this report is to analyse inclusive practice within an early years setting of a child with a special educational needs (SEN). This is done through a case study. In order to establish whether inclusion is being taken into consideration and put into place, theoretical views, legislation and appropriate intervention methods will be discussed in this report. There is sufficient evidence being drawn upon as how the setting provides equal access to the curriculum for the child. The report will consider strategies that are in place to promote and factors that hinder inclusive educational practice.

Literature Review
Inclusive practice is about the ways in which Early Years Provisions design and develop the learning environment, so that all children learn and participate together. The learning environment should welcome diversity and view it as an opportunity, not a problem (Jones 2004). According to Devarakonda (2013) Inclusion can be interpreted in many different ways e.g. Robert can be seen as being included within mainstream, despite attending a specialist centre located within the school. The agenda of inclusion is about celebrating differences in children, recognizing and valuing the unique child, without making group of children or any one child feel less valued than the rest (Jones 2004). Knowles (2006) suggest that inclusion involves the removal of barriers to learning for all children. In this sense it is not relevant to ask whether Robert should be educated in a specialist centre, but how the circumstances in the mainstream school can be arranged in a way that makes the educational development for Robert possible. The emphasis shifts on providing support based on Robert’s individual needs and adapting t...

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...aking part in activities of the school more often e.g the curriculum alongside children who don’t have SEN. This will improve the integration of inclusive educational practice because differences are being included within the classroom. This can be done in consistent with his learning needs, the use of effective resource and making sure that it doesn’t interfere with the education of other children.
Up to date training on autism is recommended. This can be achieve by looking at recent research on the disorder. Going on programmes and conferences which are dedicated to autistic spectrum disorder. This will expand understanding and knowledge on the disorder and giving Robert the right provision . Practitioner need to be more aware of Robert’s challenging behaviour at home. Through finding out what triggers the behavior and working in partnership with his mother.

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