Inclusion Of Community Inclusion For Those People Suffering With Mental Health Issues

Inclusion Of Community Inclusion For Those People Suffering With Mental Health Issues

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The societal issue that I have selected is that of community inclusion for those people suffering with mental health issue and their ability to successfully integrate into the community, after years of institutional living. Two cornerstone of community building is movement beyond problem solving toward changing conditions, and the people affected should play a major part in improving the conditions (Homan, 2011). For those who are affected by mental illness, it is key that they are given resources necessary to live and thrive in their new environment.
Kiselica and Robinson (2001) as reported by Nilisson & Schmidt (2005) there are certain skills and attributes associated with a person’s ability to be effective with social justice advocacy. A must is that a person is “committed humanitarian” and that the work is focused on alleviating human suffering.
Through advocacy, the process of change requires goal-directed action, which will strengthen the agency through effective participation of others (Homan, 2001). Effectively communicating and sharing information will strengthen the bonds and allow for purposeful decision making.
Homon (2001) reminds us that it is not actions we take that bring about change, it is the reaction to the steps taken that puts change in place. Advocating for the needs of the mental health is a daunting task to be effective it is essential to keep things simple and not overwhelm those involved. The change process involves an agreement to blend different ideas together to achieve a goal.
Goal and Objectives
Strategies and or tactics are what will be used to reach the ultimate goal and or end results (Homan, 2011). The goal related to advocacy in support of the mental health community is the ...

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...essence the counselor’s actions should be consistent with the spirit, as well as the letter of the ethical issue (ACA, 2005).
The primary focus for this code is respect of the client and to promote the welfare of the client. Through advocacy and collaboration with the community, the ability to create community relations that are focused at an understanding, caring and responsiveness will all be impacted. While working with the advisory board addressing interest and problems in the community. Collectively, we could garner support from members of the larger community to write letters (electronically) to Congress, applying pressure concerning Medicaid/Medicare proposed cuts. This issue is impacts the entire community an speaks to client growth and development. Without healthcare, life expectancy will be cut and it is not fair to further marginalize oppressed people.

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