The Inclusion of Children with Special Needs in a Normal Classroom Essay

The Inclusion of Children with Special Needs in a Normal Classroom Essay

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Currently, children with special needs are educated in a designated classroom or included into a general classroom. Inclusion is educating special-needs students in a classroom with non-special needs students. Debate about inclusion or separate classrooms for children with disabilities has been a topic of discussion in the educational school setting for decades. Supporters of inclusion believe special-needs students, teachers, and non-disabled students do better academically and socially in a diverse classroom setting. However, inclusion of special-needs students does not work in a general classroom setting.
Inclusion negatively affects the teacher’s ability to teach in a classroom. Communication for teachers is difficult when instructing the special-needs students. When instructing the class, "teachers were observed having limited interactions," with special-needs students as compared to their non-disabled peers (Byrnes 238). Research shows teachers are not equipped to adequately educate students with special-needs because they "lack the time, training, or right attitude"(Reynolds and Todd 2). In a study about teachers' views on inclusion, some said it caused "additional stress" and "feelings of inadequacy" when teaching the special-need students (Grieve 175).
Teachers will not be able to address each student's need, which will negatively affect the education of disabled children. General education teachers do not learn in their education program the proper method for teaching students with disabilities in an inclusive classroom. From a study done by Forlin, Chambers, and Kantor the "research reveals that school staff believe that they are under-prepared to deal with students with special needs" (McGhie-Richmond et al. 201)....

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