Inclusion, Motivation, And Challenges Essay

Inclusion, Motivation, And Challenges Essay

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Certainly, in today 's classroom, students present a variety of abilities, learning needs, cultural experiences, and backgrounds. The inclusion of students with emotional and behavior disorders (EBD) has been increasing rapidly. Many of those students remain in general education classrooms without any support unless they are identified as students with disabilities. Then, they receive appropriate accommodations. Therefore, the purpose of this present interview study was to compare and contrast opinions towards inclusion, motivation, and challenges, in light of literacy. This study illustrated the greatest challenge that general education teachers were facing in inclusive settings. One of the challenges was that many general educators feel frustrated because they spend amount of time to control students with disabilities’ inappropriate behavior. Those students require support from their teachers most of the time in general education. Furthermore, time consuming and collaboration with other colleagues and special education teachers are an enormous challenge.


The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) defines that students with disabilities in the United States have right to receive free appropriate public education with the least restrictive environment that addresses their needs. Researchers have found that inclusion is beneficial for all students with and without disabilities. Therefore, because the number of students with disabilities has been growing rapidly in general education classrooms, it 's essential to compare and contrast the opinions of those who implemented towards inclusion, motivation, and challenges, in light of literacy, to understand some of the factors that help to create produ...

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...her’s praise is a powerful tool for increasing appropriate behavior and reducing problem classroom behavior. Effective praise should describes students’ behavior and praises students’ efforts. Therefore, establishing a positive classroom environment and using praise frequently to reinforce appropriate behavior are inexpensive methods that have positive influence in increasing students with disabilities engagement in classroom which lead to reduce disruptive behavior. Increasing the rate of opportunity to respond (OTR) is an effective technique that has the potential to improve students with EBDs’ academic outcomes as well as their classroom behaviors (Sutherland, Alder, & Wehby, 2003; Partin et al., 2010). During observation, the target student received a great deal of praise from his teachers, which increased his appropriate behavior during classroom activities.

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