Essay about Inclusion Is A Philosophy Guiding Various School Practices

Essay about Inclusion Is A Philosophy Guiding Various School Practices

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Summary of Responses
Inclusion is a philosophy guiding various school practices in all settings. Inclusion of practices of learning or education means all students are valued and have a right to be a member of classroom community. In order to identify people’s perceptions about inclusive practices, this interview included two respondents, a regular teacher, and a special needs’ teacher. The two respondents were asked the same questions that would give their perception about the implementation of inclusion practices, as indicated in the appendix. The responses from each respondent are discussed below.
Both the special needs and the regular teacher accept the inclusion practices in schools. The two respondents also said that students with special needs perform academically better, when integrated into inclusive classrooms and that students with disabilities have a right to be incorporated in the regular community and will benefit from an inclusive program. They also agreed that achieving the highest level of inclusion is essential for learners with special needs to be located in normal classes with a backup support. The two teachers disagreed that an inclusion program would isolate students with special needs. Most importantly, they also believe that negative stereotypes about students with special needs can be minimized in inclusive classrooms; particularly, labeling the students with special needs can be reduced. The two respondents agreed that collaboration between a regular teacher and a special needs’ teacher was crucial in implementing the inclusive system. However, the special needs’ teacher agreed that implementation of the program is ineffective due to objection from regular teachers, while the regular teacher disagreed. De...

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students with special needs in an inclusive classroom?
XI. Although an inclusive program is a good concept, do the mainstream teachers object the
XII. Do mainstream teachers have the main responsibility towards the special needs students
placed in their classrooms?
XIII. Can the presence of a special needs teacher in a regular classroom raise difficulties in determining who is responsible for special students?
XIV. Is it true that the special needs’ teacher can only help the students with special needs? XV. Should regular teachers receive training to develop skills to teach students with special
XVI. Do special needs students need extra help and attention, and does this affect the time
given to regular students?
XVII. Although inclusive education is critical, are the resources for students with special
needs limited?

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