Essay on The Incidents That The Police Could Successfully Investigate

Essay on The Incidents That The Police Could Successfully Investigate

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The incidents that the police might successfully investigate
In this particular case, there are many various incidents that the police may be able to investigate. The police will look into the possession of marijuana, sexual assault, impaired driving, property damage, and fraud. The police may be successful in charging Fred in all these incidences.
When these incidents occurred, Fred was conscious and was able to determine from right and wrong. Fred understood that he was doing illegal activities when he purchased the bag of marijuana from his friend. Even though laws are changing around marijuana, today it is still illegal and may have criminal consequences when in possession of marijuana. As Fred walks by the young female by the washrooms, he shows signs of interest but she declines. Afterward, Fred proceeded in assaulting the young woman sexually by touching her inappropriately. After the night at the bar, Fred decided to get into his car and drive knowing he may have had a few too many drinks that night. Fred 's impaired driving caused much property damage as he sideswiped cars losing control of his vehicle. In regards to the fraud charge, Fred had transferred money from his company 's bank account to one that is linked to him in previous days; therefore, Fred is guilty of this crime before any other incidents occurred. With Fred being coherent during all of these criminal acts, the police will be successful in charging Fred.
Mens Rea and Actus Reus
Mens rea is also known as "the guilty mind", means criminal intent, or the willful intention to commit a crime. Actus reus is the criminal act made by a person. In many cases, the actus reus needs a mens rea for conviction.
In the incident of the sexual assault on the young fe...

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...limit to operate a motorized vehicle. With this evidence, Fred 's lawyer will try to use it to their advantage and have the charges of breaking and entering and murder dropped.
In Fred 's case, I believe that the defense and the crown attorney would want to come to some sort of plea agreement. Fred is facing many charges and if convicted for all crimes he will face many years of jail time. The crown attorney wants Fred to pay for his reckless behavior and would like to see Fred in jail for his crimes. I believe what would happen is that Fred 's lawyer would ask for a reduced sentence for a guilty confession of certain crimes. In this situation, it is a win-win for both the defense and the crown. The crown is able to put Fred behind bars for his actions quickly while the defense is able to get Fred less time in jail.
Media Coverage and Public Opinion

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