Essay about Incidents That Indicate India Is Changing For Good

Essay about Incidents That Indicate India Is Changing For Good

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10 incidents that suggest India is changing for good

1. Common people being aware of mobile,internet and technology

A dispute over seat allocation in train 16590 was solved with the help of mobile and internet technology by accessing the PNR Enquiry website of Indian Railways.

Apparently, this was due to a mistake by the TTE (Traveling Ticket Examiner) which was solved with technology. The important observation to be made here is that the

decision is readily accepted by both the parties to the dispute. Also, there was a statement "Mei jhoot bol sakta hun, lekin phone jhoot nahi kahega" (I can possibly lie but the phone can 't) made by one of the parties.

The actual incident can be read in this link.

Below is a simple statistic that shows the awareness and usage of internet and smartphones in India.

2014 2015 2016
Internet users by % 18 27 34.6
Smartphone users 123 Million 167 million 204 million

2. Acceptance of transgender people into society.

Though most people are skeptic on accepting transgender people into society, it has started to happen slowly. is the first transgender person to become a uniformed police official in India

Padmini Prakash is India 's first transgender news anchor


The achievements of the above two transgender people are laudable. The interesting thing here is the attention that media gave and reception by the younger generation.

3. Startups in India

Startups culture is growing in India and we sincerely hope home made startups are the key to the Ind...

... middle of paper ...

...that happened in a bar in the US. Two Indian guys came to the bar with their foreign colleagues. One more Indian guy was there

alone. When their American colleagues asked about life in India, the two guys started ranting about traffic, poverty, corruption and went on complaining. When those

two guys went away to the restroom or somewhere, the lonely guy went up to the foreigners, politely excused and said "Please don 't come to a

conclusion about India on those guys opinions. I am from an interior village and I was able to study in a good college because of the government 's reservation. I am

missing the same chaos that these guys are complaining of. Not all people are unhappy with life in India"

Although we have a long way to go, above ten incidents are indications that India - as a system, and its people are changing slowly, but steadily - all for good!

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