The Incident Of The Uss Indianapolis Essay

The Incident Of The Uss Indianapolis Essay

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July 30th, 1945. We were all aboard on the ship half way to Guam and not far from the Philippines. I and my cabin members (Paul, Robert, and Junior) were playing a card game as time went by. If I was correct, I was playing blackjack and luckily enough to be on a winning streak. “21!” I screamed happily as ever. My roommates all jealous and angrily concluded that I was cheating and demand their money back. Few minutes later, we all heard horrible screams that a torpedo was heading towards the USS Indianapolis. We all looked at each other brushing the news off as if it was a horrible prank; but then the atmosphere completely changed within minutes. The screaming of distress filled the atmosphere as people ran to cover. BOOM! “A torpedo has shot the USS Indianapolis” yelled from the coms. Junior was telling me and the other cabinet members to brace themselves; for we were under attack. Panicking everyone tried to run for cover; a second shot was sneaking up on us and BAM! Another torpedo shot was taken from the Japanese Submarine. As the water rapidly overflow the ship was beginning to sink. I felt a hot pain, stinging on my thigh as I opened my eyes terrified of what was happening; I look upon my roommates to see if they were okay. I closed my eyes and took another glimpse of my roommates; Robert was brutally impaled by a metal rod from the broken bunk bed, Junior was screaming in agony as the desk was crushing his legs. I looked down at my thigh seeing that I have been impaled by a glass shard. The pain overpowered my ability to think straight. I blinked numerous times, shockingly in disbelief that my both of my roommates were about to breathe their last breath. As I closed my eyes a voice faintly told me to get up and leave immed...

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...ening around us. Paul stopped for 4 seconds; he gave me this look of disbelief. I yelled, “Paul why did you stop, keep swimming!” It was as if he just gave up on trying surviving, then suddenly he disappeared from the surface of the ocean. I was frozen; I took a seat on the metal scrap and witness the horrible scenery around me. Another day has passed since the shark attack. Another fourth of us had died from hypothermia; we all became desperate for water that some of us actually died drinking the ocean water. I prayed for another hour that someone would come to our rescue. It has been hours later, when a crew member said he spotted a submarine not so far from us. We waved and scream for their attention. At last we finally were saved; as the submarine got closer I started to fail into pitch blackness. I woke up hours later, after we were back on land.

We made it.

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