Essay on The Incident Of Inappropriate Sexual Behavior

Essay on The Incident Of Inappropriate Sexual Behavior

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During the interview with Jonathan, he refused to elaborate on the incident regarding the alleged incident of inappropriate sexual behavior, as reported in the referral form. He stated that he wished not to talk about it. According to Ms. Stokes, in July of 2016, the youth allegedly sexually assaulted his sister. Specifically, Jonathan touched his sister’s private parts and buttocks while she was clothed on several occasions. Ms. Stokes, albeit was not present during the alleged incident, indicated that reportedly Jonathan asserted that he was encouraged by her paramour’s older son to engage in sexual acts with his sister. Reportedly, Jonathan and her paramour’s son were in the room when Jonathan called his sister into the bedroom and told her to lie down in the bed. Ms. Stokes noted that Jonathan admitted to kissing his sister on her private parts and buttocks over her clothing, while the paramour’s son watched. Ms. Stokes reported being made aware of the incident when DCF came to her home, advising her of the alleged incident. The youth’s mother indicated that she individually asked both Jonathan and his sister of the incident.

According to the mother both Jonathan and his sister admitted to the incident taken place. She stated that Jonathan acknowledged that he performed oral sex on his sister, but only because he was told to. Ms. Stokes noted that her daughter did confirm Jonathan’s inappropriate sexual behavior, but stated that “it was not his fault.” On interview with the examiner, the youth did not confirm or denied that the alleged incident. Reports indicate that Johnathan has admitted to touching his sister inappropriately twice over her clothing. Ms. Stokes reported that, she no longer has a relationship with the para...

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... emails and Facebook account of which he is rarely uses. Ms. Stokes denied the youth has witnessed anyone engaging in sexual acts and also denied currently being in a romantic relationship. Ms. Stokes noted she is comfortable with the therapist discussing age appropriate sexual issues with Jonathan as she wishes to address his sexual behavior.

Ms. Stokes denied any immediate case management needs during the intake process. Ms. Stokes indicated that she is currently receiving Medicaid, Child Support, Food Stamps, and Disability/Social Security, but denied any Financial Aid. Information regarding available community resources in Broward County were provided to the mother. Ms. Stokes was encouraged to inform the assigned therapist should any case management needs be identified in the future. The mother denied there are any weapons in the home.

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