The Incident Of County Illinois Essay

The Incident Of County Illinois Essay

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There was an event that took place in which people were injured, and even a death occurred in Cook County Illinois. The Offender fired three shots into a group of people, only grazing her intended target, but striking and killing a different person instead. That person died from a mortal gun shot wound to the back. The whole altercation occurred because the Offender and Intended target got into an altercation over a boy on social media and later physically as well. A couple of weeks before the shooting took place, the Offender was jumped by the intended victim’s group of friends because of the boy. The day of the shooting, the Intended Target sent the Offender a message saying that she was going to die. In an attempt to retaliate against her, the victim received a gun from her uncle, and was told by her aunt to “Shoot the bitch.” Later that day, the offender opened fire into the group, striking the Intended Target in the arm, but killing the victim by striking her in the back with a bullet. The Offender had no prior record, and since the incident has maintained an above average GPA in the juvenile detention center. The case is currently pending in the county to be tried and closed. This paper will be discussing whether or not the Offenders actions can be explained more practically using the Classical School of Criminology or Positivism theories.
Part I
According to the Classical School of Criminology, Bentham stated that punishment helps deter crime. The difference between classical and positivism is that they differ in the punishment area, and how they view offenders and non-offenders. The four objectives of classical school according to Bentham are,” To prevent all offenses if possible, persuade a person who has decided to co...

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...nce she was a teen when the incident occurred, but she would have to prove that she was reformed before a consideration of parole was even in the picture.
In Conclusion, the facts of the case were; the Offender was assaulted by the victim and intended victim weeks prior to the shooting. The altercation was caused on social media over a boy, and thus led to the crimes committed. Social Disorganization Theory in my opinion, best explains the Offenders behavior. If rehabilitation did not work, then the punishment should be to the fullest extent of the law. When it comes to if the juvenile should be held in in a juvenile detention center or not, it all comes down to the safety of the intended victim. As far as transferring the offender into adult court, if she refuses rehabilitation, then the transfer to adult court would be recommended to serve out her full sentence.

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