The Incident Happened At My Workplace Essay

The Incident Happened At My Workplace Essay

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The incident happened at my workplace, which affected and changed my identity as a professional. I was doing my diploma in children’s services when I started my job as certificate 3 in Doveton college early learning centre four years ago. I completed my diploma successfully. After some time, I decided to start studying Bachelors in early childhood education. I started feeling a change in the behaviour of one of the teachers in the centre. We have three rooms in the early learning centre. I was a part of the kinder room and she was a teacher in the babies’ room. She started with picking on me. I took it as a learning opportunity and thought I might not be doing the right thing as I was new in the industry. So I kept her behaviour to me. As the days went on and I was doing my Bachelors successfully with the placements, her behaviours started getting worsen towards me. She started making fun of the learning experiences I set up, my language and everything I did. For example, one time I went outside to ask something from my room leader and she told me to come outside with my sun hat on. After some time, I had to go and ask something again. I went with my hat on and she laughed and said, “You don’t need to put hat on for a minute”. She laughed and I felt tortured and humiliated in front of everyone. When as a part of my job, I started setting up outdoor this year in the morning, she started giving me the workload, which was not physically possible. I had been crying, suffering, getting tortured and bullied for nearly two years, when I decided to speak up for my self as her behaviour was not only a threat on my identity but also the children I worked with.

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... places. I regained my confidence with the very positive feedback about my professional role from the other staff at my workplace, families and my mentor teachers. However, as a professional, I still need to develop confidence to speak the right thing in front of the person doing wrong as still I can see the the hierarchy of the positions among people.

In order to support my professional learning and development, I will actively participate in the professional training session at my workplace, online or at another centres to enhance my knowledge and skills to deal with this type of situations for future. I will learn to positively confront the situations at the workplace through the mentoring of the educational leaders and my employer. I will use my learnt knowledge to solve the issue at the starting with the person involved before it becomes a serious issue.

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