The Incident Between Wilson And Brown Essay

The Incident Between Wilson And Brown Essay

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All over the news there has been coverage of riots and protests across the nation under the Black Lives Matter movement. One of the first sparks of the movement can be traced back to the shooting of Michael Brown. The fatal shots were fired by Darren Wilson, whose police account says that Brown had been attacking Wilson. Despite Wilson’s account of being attacked, he had almost no marks on his body, and other witness accounts say that Brown had obeyed all of Wilson’s orders. The encounter between Wilson and Brown has caused a controversial flame, leading to questions being raised about how much citizens should trust law enforcement and whether or not law enforcement should visually document their encounters. Currently, police officers are required to write reports on their calls and encounters, but when police reports do not agree with citizen account, who can be trusted? The written piece “The Tragedy of Ferguson” states, “When trust is absent, it leaves a peculiar vacuum, one that feeds flames rather than starve them” (Drehle). As we have seen, people across the country concerned about the practices of police officers and their departments, and footage of encounters would calm the nerves of worried citizens. The business managers of police departments across the country may be concerned about the cost of the new technology. However, the U.S. Department of Justice has made efforts lessen the financial stress that cameras would place on police departments. Not everyone can be required to take a lie detector test, and with technology being so advanced in today’s society, it would be beneficial to outfit police officers with cameras. All in all, the mandatory use of body-worn cameras (BWCs) on law enforcement officers is vital.
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...his, business managers of police departments bring attention to the somewhat massive cost of body-worn cameras. Even so, the support for body-worn cameras is growing and budgets are being made specifically for the use of cameras. Tom Tyler (professor at Yale Law School) notes, ‘It would be wonderful to imagine that there would be such an easy fix to a long legacy of police being misused as an instrument of domination” (Drehle). On the contrary, outfitting officers is a step which would prove to be beneficial in improving the relationship between police officers and the average civilian. While not every police officer is untrustworthy, there are some officers that have taken innocent lives. On the whole, police officers are human too, and when law enforcement is given power over the average citizen, some officers might feel the urge to abuse the power of their badge.

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