Essay on The Incident Between The Boy And The Neighborhood Watchman

Essay on The Incident Between The Boy And The Neighborhood Watchman

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On the night of February 26, 2012 a seventeen year old African American boy was walking home from a convenient store, after stopping in to buy candy and a beverage. The boy was passing through a neighborhood that had been previously troubled with crime violations. While passing through the neighborhood, the seventeen year old encountered one of the neighborhood watchmen. During this interaction, the watchman called the police and reported that this African American boy was acting in a suspicious manner. This was not all that occurred between the boy and the neighborhood watchman. There was a further altercation between the two individuals, which resulted in the watchman shooting the seventeen year old in the chest, instantly killing him. If this case sounds familiar, it is because it is the infamous Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman shooting which received national attention, and further sparked a huge movement associated with police brutality and its relation to race. Many responded upon hearing the details of this case, either jumping on Martin’s side stating that he was persecuted against because of his race or siding with Zimmerman, believing Martin was acting in a violent and threatening manner towards Zimmerman, which caused him to act in self-defense. Either way questions of prejudice in the criminal justice system arose, specifically about reasonable cause to assume suspicion on a suspect, and if race was a determining factor. To see if this characteristic had an effect on the motives of law enforcement a small study was conducted at a private north-eastern university, which consisted of a written interview that considered the opinions of some local law enforcement officers.
The written interview tackled questions about re...

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...attitudes looks promising for the future of society.
Though law enforcement agents claim to recognize the presence of racial profiling, they prove their feelings of scorn towards the concept. Law enforcement has come a long way from the traditional standards of their institution by trying to create harmony in society, with the creation of outreach and training programs. Though media attention tries to highlight the aspects of race during criminal cases and tends to overemphasize that trait, it has brought a lot of attention towards a social issue within our culture. Specifically, cases like the Trayvon Martin one have brought national attention to this issue. It is in society’s best interest to make a conscious effort to work to diminish the effects of racial profiling, instill trust back in the criminal justice department, and create a more unbiased justice system.

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