The Incidence Rate Of Cervical Cancer Essay

The Incidence Rate Of Cervical Cancer Essay

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indigenous Australians. The incidence rate of cervical cancer also higher among Indigenous females as it is reported that they are 2.8 times higher live with cervical cancer and 3.9 times death rate from cervical cancer than non-Indigenous females. Indigenous female are less likely to attend cervical screening may be a contributing factor in the higher rates in Indigenous females. According to the cancer database created by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2013a, p.15), the Indigenous population is 1.9 times more likely to be diagnosed with lung cancer and non-Indigenous Australians are 30% more likely to develop prostate cancer than Indigenous Australians. Smoking habits is higher among indigenous people therefore, it may be a causing factor in developing lung cancer. Furthermore, in terms of breast cancer, Indigenous females who were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003–2007 had a 100% greater risk of dying in compared with the non-Indigenous females (Stumpers & Thomson2009, pg,23),.
According to the study by Roder (2007, p.90), non-Indigenous had 95% higher incidence rate of melanoma of skin, compared to that of the Indigenous population in 2007 and the rates of haematological cancers were 42% higher for non-Indigenous people and it is further reported that Non- indigenous are more likely to develop Melanoma and haematological cancers as their non- Indigenous population counterparts (Roder 2007, p.91) According to the AIHW(2012c,pg,56) data stastics Indigenous Australians were more likely to be diagnosed with respiratory 16% compared to 11% Non- indigenous, Upper Gastrointestinal 12% compared with 8% and head and neck cancer 8% compared with 3% which shows indigenous cancer incidence is higher than non –indigen...

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...d in 1991 which includes Breast, Cervical, Bowel and Prostate cancer screening for early detection of cancers. This programme is aimed to reduce mortality rate and increase survival rate through effective follow-up treatment (AIHW 2012b, p.84). Since the establishment of National screening programme, there is a significant reduction 20% in breast cancer rate and 50% rate reduce in cervical cancer rate (AIHW 2012b). The study which was done in Queensland, Showed, even though Indigenous women had less understanding of the prognosis and treatment option of breast cancer, they could recognize at least one breast cancer symptoms and also were responsive to cervical screening services. It is estimated that there is an increment in number of people who attended this screening programme among indigenous women from 34.9% in 1999-2000 to 36.2% in 2009-2010 (AIHW 2012b, p.87).

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