Essay about The Incarceration Of The Prison

Essay about The Incarceration Of The Prison

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The cycle of unfair treatment also continues outside the prison walls as well. The rights of the released prisoners are few and the released are not even treated as citizens of their own country. After convicted, the incarcerated are stripped of their rights as citizens and in seven states 1/4 of the black male population is not even eligible to vote.In areas across the country, some ex convicts are not allowed welfare, student loans, public housing, or even something as simple as food stamps. The denial of basic rights contribute to very high rates of homelessness and suicide among released convicts. Over the years, people somehow came to believe that being harsh on crime means being harsh on criminals, but that is not the case. Since today’s prisoners are tomorrow’s citizens, the corrections system should be focusing on rehabilitating the inmates rather than punishing them. (Gordon)
Perhaps the biggest injustice of the prison system is the use of solitary confinement as punishment. Solitary confinement is a single cell area in which prisoners who act out or who are considered dangerous to other inmates or staff are kept. Deprived of any meaningful human contact, healthy prisoners often come unhinged. Many experience, depression, paranoia, memory loss, intense anxiety, and hallucinations. In “Hellhole” Atul Gawande mentioned studies that found that without a sustained social interaction with others, the human brain can become impaired as one that has suffered a traumatic injury. The rooms are around approximately 80 square feet, which is smaller than an average horse stable. They are furnished with a bed, sink, and toilet. A typical solitary stay amount to just a few days, or in worst cases weeks. (De Maille 8) But in today’s ...

... middle of paper ... six month physical training, drug abuse counseling, and high school education course. (Cortez) With these programs, and the more frequent use of probation rather than imprisonment, will help to reduce the amount of incarcerated people and start the U.S. on the right tracks to reforming the corrupt system.
Prisons were founded on the idea to punish and reform, but over the years, that idea has been tarnished and punishment now seems to be the most significant part. With the overwhelming growth of incarcerated people, the inhuman conditions in which they live, and the skyrocketing cost prisons are costing citizens, the United States incarceration system has proved itself , time and time again, an unreliable and corrupt institution. While prisoners have committed crimes, prisons have committed crimes on humanity and this is not issue that can be ignored any longer.

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