Essay about The Incarceration Of Prison Programs

Essay about The Incarceration Of Prison Programs

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“Doing projects really gives people self-confidence. Nothing is better than taking the pie out of the oven. What it does for you personally, and for your family 's idea of you, is something you can 't buy." - Martha Stewart. Rehabilitated prisoners programs, for example, in the prisons are one of the most important programs in prison to address the causes of criminality and restore criminal’s self-confidence. Therefore, many governments are still taking advantage of their prisoners while they are in prison. However, some people believe that prison programs ' can improve and develop the criminals to be more professionals in their crimes. In addition, rehabilitated programs help inmates in the character building, ethical behavior, and develop skills, including anger management and self-esteem and also, reduce the costs the prisons and the crimes. Therefore, prisons could have many benefits for offenders, society, and governments.
Opponents of prison programs argue that incarceration is one of the main causes of crime creation, and do not rehabilitate criminals. The opponents believe that penitentiary programs provide some useless programs that help prisoners to re-offend again to crimes, while they supposed to reduce re-offending which causes a burden on the government budget and on the community such as costs of the proceedings in the courts and increase crime in respectively. Of course, the opponents of prison programs are typically the victims, or their families who think those programs in the jails encourage criminals to do crime again because there is no punishments in the prisons. Blecker (2013) explains that in prison; guards and officers are not responsible for the punishment of murderers or criminals because it is contrary ...

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... Opponents of prisons that have rehab programs are misunderstanding the great benefits of these programs. Opponents of prisons that have rehab programs are misunderstanding the great benefits of these programs. However, the prisons that have rehab programs help to reform a lot of prisoners and change their behavior to make the inmates have self-esteem and self-confidence. Those programs in the penitentiary encourage inmates to return to the community positively after releasing by providing many of rehabilitation, education, and training. Many of prisoners who got parole now are working and helping others by give some advices. Those programs have material benefits for governments and society, and also morale of prisoners. My recommendation for governments is reconsideration to reform prisons and treatment programs which reintegrate inmates into society in positive way.

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