The Incarceration Of Prison Prisoners Essays

The Incarceration Of Prison Prisoners Essays

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Unacceptable Mass Incarceration
What goes on behind prison doors is not really discussed in the public. There has been many inmate versus correctional facility cases, but they never reach society’s eye because society does not take interest in prisoners; forgetting that prisoners are humans with rights as well. Prisons in Ohio are becoming more and more over-capacitated. This is causing prisons to become extremely unsanitary, have a harder time controlling the mass amount of inmates, as well as the inmate 's health. Correctional officials have yet to come up with an effective budget and way to stop mass incarceration. Prisons in Ohio inmate population are only growing greater. Overcrowding has had a negative impact on the prison systems in Ohio and has led to horrible prison conditions.
Ohio incarceration budget limits institutions to operate safely. Gregory Trout (p. 893) described how Ohio spent over one billion dollars on its’ prison operations. They hired a few thousand correctional officers and a few hundred parole officers. Then, the number of incarcerations grew, which led to two prisons being shut down because of budget issues. The budget that was made did not plan for the increase in incarceration. Prisons that were still open had to fire workers in order to pay for the inmates coming in.
With the overcrowding of inmates and not enough correctional officers, it was hard to control the violence that went on through the prison. “In 2007, the Department had a disturbance every 19 days on average. In 2008, it was one every 15 days; in 2009, one every 11 days, and in 2010, the Department had one such disturbance every 7 days (Trout, p. 893) .” Correctional facilities has no control over their inmates because of the mass in...

... middle of paper ... lead to higher incarceration rates because correction officials like the idea of getting as many people in prison as possible and, which means keeping them overcrowded.
Conditions in Ohio prison system has been very negative because of overcrowding. The prison system is not caring about the inmate 's health and well being as they should. Inmates are put in prison to pay their debt to society, not to be stripped from their rights by the cruelness of overcrowding; depriving them of their basic needs. However, overcrowding is not only affecting the inmates. It is causing people to lose their jobs because of budget problems caused by overcrowding as well. Efforts need to be made and executed to stop mass incarceration. Building new prisons, raising taxes, and making a new budget can all be great solutions to this problem. Overcrowding of prisons in Ohio has to stop.

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